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First edition cover of The So Blue Marble (1940) by Dorothy Hughes.

First edition cover of The So Blue Marble (1940) by Dorothy Hughes


Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: The Girl Who Had to Die

Dorothy B. Hughes: The So Blue Marble

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Cross-Eyed Bear



Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Speak of the Devil

Lenore Glen Offord: The Nine Dark Hours



Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Kill Joy

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Lady Killer

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Fallen Sparrow


Laura cover.

First edition cover of Laura


Charlotte Armstrong: The Case of the Weird Sisters

Vera Caspary: Laura

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: The Old Battle Ax

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Blackbirder

Margaret Millar: Wall of Eyes

Lenore Glen Offord: Skeleton Key



Leigh Brackett: No Good from a Corpse

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Delicate Ape

Margaret Millar: Fire Will Freeze

Craig Rice: Home Sweet Homicide



Vera Caspary: Bedelia

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Net of Cobwebs

M. V. Heberden: Vicious Pattern

Dorothy B. Hughes: Dread Journey

Margaret Millar: The Iron Gates

The Blank Wall (1947)

First edition cover of The Blank Wall

In a Lonely Place cover.

First edition cover of In a Lonely Place



Charlotte Armstrong: The Unsuspected

Helen Eustis: The Horizontal Man

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: The Innocent Mrs. Duff

Dorothy B. Hughes: Ride the Pink Horse



M. V. Heberden: They Can’t All Be Guilty

Dorothy B. Hughes: In a Lonely Place

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: The Blank Wall

Hilda Lawrence: The House

Lenore Glen Offord: My True Love Lies



Charlotte Armstrong: The Chocolate Cobweb

Mildred B. Davis: The Room Upstairs

Edna Sherry: Sudden Fear



Dorothy Salisbury Davis: The Judas Cat

Juanita Sheridan: The Chinese Shop


First edition cover of Gold Coast Nocturne (1952) by Helen Nielsen.

First edition cover of Gold Coast Nocturne (1952) by Helen Nielsen

Mischief cover.

First edition cover of Mischief


Patricia Highsmith: Strangers on a Train

Charlotte Armstrong: Mischief

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Candy Kid

Dana Lyon: The Tentacles

Margaret Millar: Do Evil in Return



Dorothy Salisbury Davis: A Gentle Murderer

M. V. Heberden: The Sleeping Witness

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Too Many Bottles

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: The Virgin Huntress

Helen Nielsen: The Kind Man

Juanita Sheridan: The Kahuna Killer



Dorothy Salisbury Davis: The Clay Hand

Dorothy Salisbury Davis: A Town of Masks

Dolores Hitchens: Nets to Catch the Wind

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Davidian Report

Margaret Millar: Rose’s Last Summer

Margaret Millar: Vanish in an Instant

Helen Nielsen: Gold Coast Nocturne

Helen Nielsen: Obit Delayed

Juanita Sheridan: The Mamo Murders

Nedra Tyre: Mouse in Eternity



Mildred B. Davis: They Buried A Man

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Widow’s Mite

Helen Nielsen: Detour

Juanita Sheridan: The Waikiki Widow


Beast In View cover.

First edition cover of Beast In View

The Blunderer cover.

First edition cover of The Blunderer


Helen Eustis: The Fool Killer

Dolores Hitchens: Beat Back the Tide

Helen Nielsen: The Woman on the Roof

Jean Potts: Go, Lovely Rose

Patricia Highsmith: The Blunderer

Holly Roth: The Mask of Glass



Charlotte Armstrong: The Dream Walker

Dolores Hitchens: Sleep with Strangers

Margaret Millar: Beast In View

Helen Nielsen: Stranger in the Dark

Patricia Highsmith: The Talented Mr. Ripley

Holly Roth: The Sleeper



Charlotte Armstrong: A Dram of Poison

Margot Bennett: The Man Who Didn’t Fly

Jean Potts: The Diehard

Helen Nielsen: The Crime Is Murder

Edna Sherry: Backfire



Leigh Brackett: An Eye for an Eye

Leigh Brackett: Tiger Among Us

Elizabeth Fenwick: Poor Harriet

Margaret Millar: An Air That Kills

Helen Nielsen: Borrow the Night

Evelyn Piper: Bunny Lake Is Missing

Patricia Highsmith: Deep Water


First edition cover of Lightning Strikes Twice (1958) by Jean Potts.

First edition cover of Lightning Strikes Twice (1958) by Jean Potts

Fools' Gold cover.

First edition cover of Fools’ Gold


Dolores Hitchens: Fools’ Gold

Jean Potts: Lightning Strikes Twice

Patricia Highsmith: A Game for the Living



Elizabeth Fenwick: A Long Way Down

Dolores Hitchens: The Watcher

Margaret Millar: The Listening Walls

Helen Nielsen: The Fifth Caller

Helen Nielsen: False Witness

Lenore Glen Offord: Walking Shadow



Dolores Hitchens: Sleep with Slander

Margaret Millar: A Stranger in My Grave

Helen Nielsen: Sing Me a Murder

Holly Roth (as K. G. Ballard): Bar Sinister

Nedra Tyre: Hall of Death

Patricia Highsmith: This Sweet Sickness


First edition cover of Hall of Death (1960) by Nedra Tyre.

First edition cover of Hall of Death (1960) by Nedra Tyre


Anne Blaidsell: Nightmare

Suzanne Blanc: The Green Stone

Dolores Hitchens: Footsteps in the Night

Vin Packer: Something in the Shadows



Charlotte Armstrong: Something Blue

Dolores Hitchens: The Abductor

Margaret Millar: How Like an Angel

Vin Packer: Intimate Victims

Jean Potts: The Evil Wish

Patricia Highsmith: The Cry of the Owl



Charlotte Armstrong: A Little Less Than Kind

Elizabeth Fenwick: The Make-Believe Man

Dorothy B. Hughes: The Expendable Man

Dana Lyon: Spin the Web Tight



Amanda Cross: In The Last Analysis

Mildred B. Davis: The Voice on the Telephone

Emma Lathen: Accounting For Murder

Dana Lyon: The Trusting Victim

Margaret Millar: The Fiend

Helen Nielsen: Verdict Suspended

Patricia Highsmith: The Two Faces of January

Patricia Highsmith: The Glass Cell


First edition cover of The Pale Betrayer (1965) by Dorothy Salisbury Davis.

First edition cover of The Pale Betrayer (1965) by Dorothy Salisbury Davis


Dorothy Salisbury Davis: The Pale Betrayer

Patricia Highsmith: The Story-Teller

Dolores Hitchens (as Dolan Birkley): The Unloved



Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who Read Backwards

Mildred B. Davis: The Sounds of Insects

Lois Duncan: Point of Violence

Dorothy Gilman: The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax

Helen Nielsen: After Midnight

Jean Potts: The Footsteps on the Stairs



Charlotte Armstrong: The Gift Shop

Amanda Cross: The James Joyce Murder

Mildred B. Davis: Strange Corner

Mildred B. Davis: Walk Into Yesterday

Emma Lathen: Murder Against the Grain

Helen Nielsen: A Killer in the Street

Patricia Highsmith: Those Who Walk Away



Charlotte Armstrong: The Balloon Man

Charlotte Armstrong: Lemon in the Basket

Jean Potts: The Little Lie

Dorothy Uhnak: The Bait



Dorothy Salisbury Davis: Where the Dark Streets Go

Patricia Highsmith: The Tremor of Forgery

Emma Lathen: When In Greece

Dorothy Uhnak: The Witness


First edition cover of Ripley Under Ground (1970) by Patricia Highsmith.

First edition cover of Ripley Under Ground (1970) by Patricia Highsmith

UK edition cover of The Tremor of Forgery (1969) by Patricia Highsmith.

UK edition cover of The Tremor of Forgery (1969) by Patricia Highsmith


Amanda Cross: Poetic Justice

Margaret Millar: Beyond This Point Are Monsters

Patricia Highsmith: Ripley Under Ground

Dorothy Uhnak: The Ledger



Nedra Tyre: Twice So Fair



Dorothy Salisbury Davis: Shock Wave



Dorothy Salisbury Davis: The Little Brothers



Patricia Highsmith: Ripley’s Game



Mary Higgins Clark: Where Are The Children?

Mildred B. Davis: Tell Them What’s-Her-Name Called